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The Board Of JOHSPA Is Extremely Pleased To Advise That JOHSPA Is Finally a Registered Entity

We were forced to register with the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) which we have been trying to avoid since 2008. Whereas the mandate to do so had been given to the Board by the AGM, for quite some time now, we were exploring the possibility of registering with the Department of Cooperatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS). As previously mentioned such an approach would result in significant savings to JOHSPA with substantially less onerous regulatory and administrative requirements. As was reported in our last Newsletter, the DCFS is still awaiting a legal opinion from the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) to determine our eligibility for Registration with the DCFS. As a result the Broad proceeded to register with the COJ. This was a very painstaking process which necessitated three (3) submissions to the COJ as were declined registration twice.

Registration was finally effected June 7, 2017 resulting in our receiving the long-awaited TRN and also a National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Employer Registration Number. The hard work of those Board Members who spearheaded this process is here duly recognized. Our President must be singled out for her dedication and leadership in this effort. Please be further advised that the DCFS has assured us that once they receive the opinion from the AGO and it is favourable, they will be happy to register JOHSPA at which time we can rescind our registration with the COJ. The receipt of our TRN was most timely and opportune as it enabled us to attract attendees to our last seminar from agencies/organizations that previously were unable to participate due to our not having a TRN. This obviously played a significant role in our last seminars being our most successful to date. We have also opened a new bank account in our registered name “Jamaica Occupational Health and Safety Professionals Association Limited “ thus enabling significantly increased access and =management of our financial resources. The foundation is now well laid for the rapid growth and economic development of JOHSPA. Norbert Campbell, Honorary Secretary

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